Our approach.

At Idilio Studio we seek to create value for our clients and their business and also the ultimate user experience. For this reason we always listen, learn, analyze, develop and design outstanding, original, meaningful and conceptual solutions. We exist to make sure that your digital and online presence reflects your business goals and exceeds your expectations. Our instant support service and levels of effective communication will leave you astonished.

Our Mission.

We work for innovative clients all over the world interested in high quality and extraordinary results. Our deliverables are excellent and always exceed our clients’ expectations.

We areCreative.

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Our Story

How it all began

Everything began in 2015 when Natasa Lagou, a Software and Website Developer registered the brand name Web Idilio. The initial idea was the offer of internet oriented services to clients within Cyprus and worldwide.

The next two years, the number of clients grew dramatically. In order to cover their needs and demands, we started adding new partners, new crew and new services. As a result, Natasa registered the company AL Idilio Studio LTD in July of 2017.

The word ‘Idilio’ has a Greek and Spanish root and means ‘Love’. The company name reflects the common feeling of love about digital media and the web among the team. Website developers, graphic designers, SEO professionals, digital marketers, content writers and photographers join forces to create the ultimate user experience.

What we do

At Idilio Studio we design and develop intelligent solutions. We use innovative technologies and creative thinking in order to bring ideas to life and make things happen. We pay attention to every project detail. Therefore design, logic, content, performance, efficiency, usability, accessibility, SEO, marketing, hosting and security are within our scope of expertise. The deliverable will always conform to our clients’ demands and expectations.

We offer services to clients of all sizes within Cyprus and worldwide. Clients from Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Italy and Romania trust our talent. You can rely on us for your projects and we will be there when you need us. Besides why should you compromise with ordinary solutions rather having extraordinary results?

Why work with us

You have probably noticed that we love what we do. We are creative, addicted to innovation and you will definitely love working with us. Moreover we are here to hear you out, serve you and have your back with our outstanding support skills. We are obviously the ace up your sleeve and working with us is something else!

Perfect Web Design

High quality web elements and banners that give an eye-catchy, creative and professional style on your website.

Web Development

Contemporary, responsive, user friendly and effective websites that reflect and represent your business on the web properly.

Web Hosting Services

Hosting plans suitable to many kinds of requirements and budgets, including frequently backups and support service.

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, promotional leaflets, printing material and infographics.

Social Media

Creation, design and management of social media pages, profiles and posts.

Outstanding Support

Our dedicated team members are happy to assist you with questions or issues you face in daily basis.

Meet our Creative Team

Due to the fact we were born into creativity, there is no cure for our curiosity. Thus we are coming up with original ideas, turning them into digital artworks that are innovative and measurable. Although a lot of people work behind the scenes to make everything possible, we introduce to you our major teammates. Meet our creative people and associates.